Stability Problems in fluids and astrophysics (I,II)

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报告题目:Stability Problems in fluids and astrophysics (I,II)





报告摘要:The stability of coherent structures (equilibria, traveling waves, standing waves etc.) is a central problem in fluid dynamics and astrophysics. First, we review three approaches to study linear stability and instability problems, with applications to solitary water waves, barotropic instability in geophysical fluids and turning point principle for gaseous stars. Then we will discuss some unsettled problems including stability of large water waves; coalescence instability of general Cats' eye flows and Zeldovich-Podurets conjecture for stability of relativistic galaxies.

个人简历:林治武,布朗大学博士,美国乔治亚理工学院教授。从事偏微分方程,动力系统及其应用领域的研究工作,在解的稳定性、长时间行为等方面作出一系列原创性的工作,研究成果发表在《Invent Math》、《Memoirs of AMS》、《CPAM》等国际期刊上。担任SIAM. J. Math. Anal. 等杂志的编委。近几年的代表性成果包括:线性哈密尔顿偏微分方程的稳定性的一般理论;旋转和非旋转星体稳定性的拐点原理(turning point principle);证明Stuart 1965年关于Kelvin-Stuart 涡旋解的稳定性和不稳定性的猜想。

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